Fire Dragon Bushing Compensators

Compensators have triple ports with dual chambers for the 1911 / 1991 A1 auto.
They are finished to closely match factory finish.

Slide Mounted Match Grade Bushing Replacement Compensator

This unit is designed for barrel bushing replacement for the Government, Commander and Officers model and clones (Springfield Armory, Para Ordnance, Kimber, Auto Ordinance, A.M.T., Norinco 1991A1, etc.).  Available finishes closely match the manufacturer's stock finishes.  Due to tolerance differences in various firearms, some minor fitting may be necessary. There is no modification to the firearm required.  Precision machined from 416 stainless steel.
Government Compensator also works on 10mm and 38 Super. comp1.jpg (2542 bytes) Government, Commander, Officer Models. Colt Style & Para Ordnance P12, P13, P14, P15, P16, Kimber and Clones.

Match Grade Bushing Replacement Compensator

Item # Compensators
CH45BKCMP Champion Compensator Black Stainless (RARE)
CH45MTCMP Champion Compensator Matte (RARE)
C45BKCMP Commander Compensator Black Stainless
C45MTCMP Commander Compensator Matte
C45MPCMP Commander Compensator Matte Polished Sides
C45PSCMP Commander Compensator Polished Stainless
G45BKCMP Government Compensator Black Stainless
G45MTCMP Government Compensator Matte
G45MPCMP Government Compensator Matte Polished Sides
G45PSCMP Government Compensator Polished Stainless
O45BKCMP Officer/P12 Compensator Black Stainless
O45MTCMP Officer/P12 Compensator Matte
O45MPCMP Officer/P12 Compensator Matte Polished Sides
O45PSCMP Officer/O12 Compensator Polished Stainless 

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