National Match Standard Barrels

Because of the care exercised in manufacturing, and unwillingness to compromise on any step of the process.

(Special Order available, add $25.00) 

(Threaded Barrel available to your thread size, add $75.00) 

(400 Carbon and 40 Super are Special Order)

Standard Barrels
BTF357SB Beretta/Taurus 357 Sig. * (will fit S, SB, SF, S-1 models)
BTF40SB Beretta/Taurus 40 S&W * (will fit S, SB, SF, S-1 models)
BTF9SB Beretta/Taurus 9mm * (will fit S, SB, SF, S-1 models)
BH357SB Browning Hi Power 357 Sig. Conversion
BH40SB Browning Hi Power 40 S&W
BH9SB Browning Hi Power 9mm
GK179SB Glock 17, 9mm
GK17L9SB Glock 17L, 9mm 
GK199SB Glock 19, 9mm
GK20357SB Glock 20 357 Sig. Conversion
GK2010SB Glock 20, 10mm. Also come in Hunter 6"
GK2040SB Glock 20, 40 S&W Conversion
GK2145SB Glock 21, 45 ACP
GK2110SB Glock 21, 10mm Conversion
GK22357SB Glock 22, 31 357 Sig Conversion
GK2240SB Glock 22, 31 40 S&W Conversion
GK229SB Glock 22, 31 9mm Conversion
GK2340SB Glock 23, 32 40 S&W Conversion
GK239SB Glock 23, 32 9mm Conversion
GK269SB Glock 26, 9mm
GK2740SB Glock 27, 33, 40 S&W Conversion
GK27357SB Glock 27, 33, 357 Sig. Conversion
GK279SB Glock 27, 33, 9mm Conversion
GK2910SB Glock 29, 10mm
GK29357SB Glock 29, 357 Sig. Conversion
GK2940SB Glock 29, 40 S&W Conversion
GK3045SB Glock 30, 45 ACP
GK23357SB Glock 32, 23 357 Sig Conversion
GK349SB Glock 34, 9mm
GK35357SB Glock 35, 357 Sig Conversion
GK3540SB Glock 35, 40 S&W
GK359SB Glock 35, 9mm Conversion
GK3645SB Glock 36, 45 ACP
G10SB Government 10mm with Link, pin and bushing 
G38SSB Government 38 Super with Link, pin and bushing 
G40SB Government 40 S&W  with Link, pin and bushing 
G45SB Government 45 ACP with Link, pin and bushing 
HK357CSB HKUSP 357 Sig compact Conversion
HK40CSB HKUSP 40 S&W compact
HK45CSB HKUSP 45 ACP compact
HK9CSBC HKUSP 9mm compact Conversion (Use 9mm red spring only)
HK9CSB HKUSP 9mm compact
HK357FSB HKUSP 357 Sig full size
HK40FSB HKUSP 40 S&W full size
HKF45SB HKUSP 45 ACP full size
HK9FSB HKUSP 9mm full size Conversion (Use 9mm red spring only)
HK9FSB HKUSP 9mm full size
OF45SB Officer 45 ACP with Link, pin and bushing 
SS22045SB Sig Sauer P220 45 ACP
SS24545SB Sig Sauer P245 45 ACP
SS2259SB Sig Sauer P225 9mm 
SS226357SB Sig Sauer P226 357 Sig
SS22640SB Sig Sauer P226 40 S&W
SS2269SBC Sig Sauer P226 9mm Conversion
SS2269SB Sig Sauer P226 9mm 
SS2289SB Sig Sauer P228/229 9mm      Fits Both Models
SS2299SBC Sig Sauer P229 9mm Conversion from 40/357
SS229357SB Sig Sauer P229 357 Sig
SS22940SB Sig Sauer P229 40 S&W
SS239357SB Sig Sauer P239 357 Sig. Conversion
SS23940SB Sig Sauer P239 40 S&W
SS2399CSB Sig Sauer P239 9mm Conversion
SS2399SB Sig Sauer P239 9mm 
SS2299SBC Sig Sauer P229 9mm Conversion
XDS40SB XD Service Model 4" 40 SW
XDS357SB XD Service Model 4" 357 Sig.
XDS9SBC XD Service Model 4" 9mm Conversion
XDS9SB XD Service Model 4" 9mm
XDT40SB XD Tactical Model 5" 40SW
XDT357SB XD Tactical Model 5" 357 Sig
XDT9SBC XD Tactical Model 5" 9mm Conversion
XDT9SB XD Tactical Model 5" 9mm
(*) They also work in Centurion compact, 92 FC & PT92C will cut to size if requested only.

Add $ 75.00 for threaded barrels. Specify size.

* Beretta / Taurus barrels come with plunger and roll pin pre-installed.   Beretta / Taurus barrels available in stainless steel .  If black add $65.00

Tan EAA will also work in Baby Eagle. Some light filing work may be required.

Full size Beretta barrels work in Vector Z88 and Compact Models.

All barrels come in Stainless Steel Finish.  All Barrels specially ordered in Black

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