Arrow Wood Finish


Arrow Wood Finish :  This is a favorite, Oil finishes are great.....if you have lots of time an patience.  ARROW solves that.  It takes 90% less work per coat, and 90% less coats to complete the job (compared to any other oil finish).   This product can repair any existing finish without stripping (even epoxies and urethanes) can restore the appropriate look to any existing finish (from absolutely dull to extremely shiny - or any where in between).  But its true glory is in starting from raw (or stained) wood. 

ARROW will seal the wood making it very weather resistant, while staying flexible which prevents chipping, cracking and "white line" scratches! i.e. :  A live (green) Elm was cut down and 2" thick slices cut from it.  Each slice was sanded to about 80 grit.  Each slice (the same day the tree was cut) was sealed with different sealers - including man various types - according to their directions.  One was sealed with ARROW.  Of those 20 slices only one lasted longer than 24 hours!  They all cracked and fell apart  except for the ARROW finished one!  That one has lasted over 15 years so far!

ARROW fills the wood with a natural filler which will not leave white freckles or dull checkering tools.  It is about 10 times as effective as the separately sold fillers.   (that's one less expense....and job!)  In our demonstrations we cut a scar in a gun stock that will take about 20 minutes of sanding and three days of finishing to repair...and complete the total repair in under 60 seconds.  (Quickie Summary:   Wipe the finish on, wet sand it in with wet-or-dry paper matched to the roughness of the scratch, buff dry to the touch by hand or cloth.  Maximum time to rub dry....5 minutes.

ARROW creates the finish YOU want.  You control the gloss by the coarseness of the paper you rub it in with.  Adjust by adding coats and changing the paper.  For instance, using 320 or 400 grit paper gives a matte (non-reflective) finish 500, 600, 800 grits give you a glowing satin finish - 1000 (or higher), cloth or hand rubbing (without the paper) increases the gloss to levels that match urethanes.

One bottle will do the work of an entire shelf of other finishes.  And the smoothness durability, and beauty are superb.



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