Instant Gun Blue


Van's Instant Gun Blue is our most popular product -- as well as the most misused.  Van's is NOT the same as the traditional "cold-blue" products that leave overlapping, blotchy color, smells bad, and wear off very quickly.  Here is why.....

Other "cold-blue" products act like paint.  They put multiple layers of stained copper into the steel and call it bluing!  Factory blue penetrates the steel and actually changes the metal resulting in that rust resistant blue-black surface.  VAN'S INSTANT GUN BLUE gives the same type results as the factory "hot" bluing process...just milder!  The application technique, however, is very different from the other touch-up bluing products.

The first step is to degrease the metal.  This is becoming more critical because of the wide range of synthetic lubricants and protectors now being used on guns.  Here are several suggestions for degreasers...Acetone, any Key tone product, 1-1-1 Trichlorethylene, Automotive break cleaner, the clear PVC pipe cleaner used in pluming.  These ALL out perform alcohol, or other lesser cleaners.

Surprisingly, the most common applicator for bluing is also the worst.  Cotton swabs or balls are loaded with lanolin (grease) even if they are sterilized.  Other applicators like cloth and paper contain such things as detergent, sizing, inks, perfumes, and softeners.  The very best applicator is a soft-bristled toothbrush!  (The FDA will NOT allow something that goes into your mouth to be sold with chemical contamination!)  Remember:  we are not "painting" we are setting up a chemical reaction...cleanliness counts!

VAN's INSTANT GUN BLUE only soaks into molecules of steel that are white or gray, restoring them to the same gun-metal blue that was there originally.  It will not overlap or damage existing bluing.  The longer you soak the metal with the bluing the darker it gets.  THIS IS NOT APPLIED LIKE PAINT and should not be allowed to dry.  Soak it longer to get more darkness.  If you stop too soon you can always do it again without removing what you have already done.  When satisfactory color is achieved -- wipe it dry with a paper towel and then oil it to neutralize the acid.

The grade, hardness, alloy, heat-treatment and texture of the metal all control color.  Van's reacts to the metal rather than adding color!  If you have matching texture...the bluing will match.  The brighter the metal shines before the blue, the brighter the finish after you are done.  The rougher the texture of the metal, the duller the bluing will be.

This product resists rust (rather than promoting it as most products will)  and it does not stink.

You may repair guns by fixing the texture (sanding-steel wool, etc.) and make them look new leaving the texture as is, you can restore guns to look like old guns in great shape.  Van's color matches the original factory finish, but probably will not match other cold-blue products left on the metal.  Clean them off before applying Van's. 

VGB4  4.oz $ 11.95
VGB32 32.oz $ 49.95
VGBg Gallon $ 149.95

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