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Bore Snake - Bore Cleaner

A thorough cleaning job in as little as ten seconds--no need to disassemble or remove the bolt.
Better for the Barrel
No exposed metal to damage sensitive crown or rifling. Every gun owner, including collectors and sharpshooters, find the "Bore Snake" is a better tool, for even their best guns.
Light and small, the "Bore Snake" can hide in the palm of your hand. It weighs less than one ounce. It stores in a shirt pocket and can go anywhere. For field use, the advantages are evident. For a clean bore, under the most difficult or inconvenient real world conditions, there is nothing that competes with the "Bore Snake".
Cost Effective
Washable and reusable. Washes easily by hand. Use wash bag or band securely for machine wash. Although the number of uses may vary, our tests show 200 to 500 uses are not uncommon prior to disposal.
With a built-in bore brush and 160 times more cloth than a patch, a single pull-through leaves your barrel mirror clean.
Solvent and Oil Compatible
Users report that solvents are usually not needed because the "Bore Snake" is extremely thorough. If necessary, use quality, non-acidic solvents and oils that are approved for use on cotton and synthetic patches.
No assembly, no mess, no storage problems and no fittings, patches or attachments to change.

No more broken rods or stuck patches!

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Specify Rifle, Pistol or shotgun And Caliber/Gage

Pistol $ 15.94
Rifle $ 16.79
Shotgun $ 17.62



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