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SKS Stocks & Accessories from Advanced Technologies HI-Tech Gunstocks & Accessories for SKS, AK-47, AR-15, Enfield, Marlin, Mauser, Mosin Nagant, Ruger, Mossberg, Maverick, Remington, & Winchester
Upgrade your 12 Ga Shotgun or Military Rifle.

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 SKS Stocks and Accessories


Original Wood Stock

 SKS Ultralight Stock
This lightweight, sporty, durable stock has a checkered pistol grip which increases control when firing. Extra 1" length provides more comfort. Includes handguard. Stock does not fold. (Sec.922R applies) Also available as a 5-shot detachable mag stock.
SKS0200  fits Standard Mag                            $59.99
fits Detachable (AK style) Mag        $59.99 

Click here for installation instructions.


SKS Monte Carlo Gunstock 

Classic Monte Carlo style. Great for hunting or sport shooting. No gunsmithing or modification required. Easy installation. The checkered pistol grip and forearm improve control. Rubber butt pad adds one inch of extended length for comfort. Extra butt plate included. Also available as a 5-shot detachable mag stock. Made in USA of black, glass-filled nylon. Mfg Lifetime Warranty.
SKS0300  fits Standard fixed Mag                     $59.99
SKS2100  fits Detachable (AK style) Mag         $59.99

Click here for installation instructions.


SKS Fiberforce Gunstock

Founded on the Famous Dragunov design. Simple "drop-in" installation. No gunsmithing or modification! Accuracy and comfort are both improved by the thumbhole stock, ventilated forearm, and adjustable cheek rest. No modification necessary for left handed shooters. Also available as a 5-shot detachable mag stock. Made in USA of black, glass-filled nylon. Mfg Lifetime Warranty.
SKS3000 fits Standard fixed Mag                        $59.00
fits Detachable (AK style) Mag            $59.99 

Click here for installation instructions.



 SKS Accessories
Mfg Sugg Retail

Mini Light / Laser Adapter
Changes inside diameter from 1" to 3/4" to mount a Mini AA light or laser.

BIP0700 SKS Featherweight Bipod
Weighs 6oz. One-second extend/retract. Unique "Snap-n-Lock" button to fold down or rearward. All hardware included. Mounts to bayonet lug. Allows use of a sling. Non-slip rubber feet. Proudly made in the USA. Unconditional lifetime warranty.
Does not swivel.
Simple to install without gunsmithing

SKS Value Package
Get these items and save!

  • 4x28 compact scope with lens cover
  • SKS see-thru steel scope mount
  • 1" High Rings with allen wrench
  • SKS Instruction Manual
  • Gasport Cleaning tool
  • 10 Stripper Clips

SKS or AK Sling
Super strong adjustable 1-1/4 inch black nylon strap. Steel quick detachable swivel and leather tab. Fits all SKS or AK types.
SKS Handguard
Matches our custom stocks. Helps prevent burns.
SKS or Shotgun Folding Stock Butt Pad
Slip-on style, absorbs recoil. Adds 1 inch length to stock. Fits Ultralight Fixed Sporter, Folding Shotgun stock, and many others.
SKS Fiberforce Butt Pad
Slip-on style, absorbs recoil. Adds 1 inch length to stock. Fits Fiberforce SKS & Mak-90 stock.
SKS Illustration Manual
Twenty pages of detailed SKS instructions with photos and illustrations. Also includes a brief history.
SKS or AK Stripper Clips
High carbon spring steel. Each clip holds 10 rds of 7.62x39mm ammo. Package of 20.
SKS Retro-Fit Kit
Sold as replacement part for folding stocks purchased prior to Nov. 1990 (Sec 922R applies).
SKS Conversion Kit
Converts your folding stock into a fixed stock.
SKS Cheek Rest
Improves comfort. Storage area for cleaning kit. Adjustable. Fits SKS with the Ultralight sporter stock or detachable mag Ultralight stock.

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