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Gun Lubes and Solvents

From fast, efficient solvents that cut through copper, lead, carbon, plastic and powder residues to TW25 B, the proprietary, military proven, high tech lubricant, Kleen-Bore provides effective solutions to every gun cleaning need.

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Product Size Model # Price

TW-25 B
High Tech Lubricant
Unmatched by other lubes, TW25B prevents corrosion, eliminates galling on stainless steel, reduces friction and wear. Harmless to wood and rubber. Proven in extreme conditions from -45F to 450F and military use in Desert Storm.

3/4 oz Grease Squeeze Tube TW-25B 6.95
2 oz Oil Squeeze Bottle TW-25 6.45
2 oz Oil Pump Spray TW-25S 6.79

TW-25 B
High Tech Syringe Applicator
The SureShot Syringe applicator is the latest addition to our military approved TW25 lubricant. This applicator allows for precision placement of small amounts. Place on slides rails, frames, bolts - all moving parts.

12 Grams 

TW-25-A 6.95

Precision Shooter Gun Conditioner

Precision Shooter
Delivers precise amounts of Formula 3 Gun Conditioner to lubricate with pinpoint accuracy in hard-to-reach areas.

7.5 ml Vial

F-2 3.25
Formula 3 Gun Conditioner
A proven formula of solvents for effective gun cleaning; a light viscosity oil for lubrication and water-displacing action for rust protection.

2 oz Squeeze

F-3 2.10

2 oz Spray

F-3S 2.45
Pint F-3B 8.95
Quart F-3C 14.75
Gallon F-3D 49.60

No. 10 Solvent
Fast, efficient general purpose solvent to penetrate and lift lead, powder and metal fouling from your gun.
 2 oz Squeeze S-10 2.55
2 oz Spray S-10S 2.90
3 1/3 oz Wide mouth bottle S-10A 3.55
Pint S-10B 9.55
Quart S-10C 15.89
Gallon S-10D 53.00
copclean.jpg (4870 bytes) No. 10 Copper Cutter
Premium grade, aggressive solvent to quickly cut through copper, lead, carbon and plastic fouling on your gun.
 2 oz Squeeze C-10 3.85
3 1/3 oz Wide mouth bottle C-10A 5.39
Pint C-10B 12.20
Quart C-10C 20.49
Gallon C-10D 71.00

Super Lube Gun Lubricant With Teflon

Super Lube with PTFE
A penetrating synthetic waterproof lubricant that inhibits rust and provides long-lasting protection for your gun.
6 oz Aerosol



Gunk-Out Gun Cleaner/Degreaer 

Powerful cleaner/degreaser blasts away caked on dirt, dust and powder residues. Great for degreasing prior to bluing.
15 oz Aerosol GO-5A 4.95

Rust Guardit

Rust Guardit
A non-greasy, non-cracking, non-peeling coating that sprays on to protect metal from rust and corrosion for nine to twelve months.
9 oz Aerosol RUS-7A 4.95
Kleen-Brite Gun Polish
Cleans & Polishes- safe on all factory blued, stainless, chrome, and nickel finishes. Removes powder fouling, surface rust, tarnish and discoloration from your firearms. 
2 oz Jar KB-8 4.29

GB2 Gun Blue

Black Magic Bluing Solution
A premier, high performance cold bluing solution, previously available only to gunsmiths. Used by firearms manufacturers for touching up guns before leaving the factory. It produces a deep, penetrating action to restore worn or scratched metal to like-new finish. 

2 oz Container


GB-2 4.49

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