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Gun Maintenance Products

Silicone Cloth Silicone Gun & Reel Cloth

From Kleen Bore

100 square inch cloth of top quality cotton flannel impregnated with silicone to restore luster, remove handling marks and provide rust protection



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Lead away Cloth Lead Away Gun Cloth

From Kleen Bore

Chemically treated, 100 square inch cloth removes tough lead, burn rings and carbon build-up from handguns, rifles and shotguns


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Lead away Patch Lead Away Gun Patch

From Kleen Bore

Chemically treated, 11/4 square inch patches for carbon and lead build-up in the bore for rifles and handguns from .22 - .45 caliber

LP-199 $ 2.67

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Super-Shooter Cotton Bore PatchesSuper-Shooter Cotton Patches

precision cut square patches of superior quality, 100% cotton flannel for maximum absorbency and bore protection





Shooters Packs
.22-.270 (100) 1-1/4" P-201 $ 1.55
.28-.35 (75) 1-3/4" P-202 $ 1.55
.38-.45/410-20 ga.(50) 2-1/4" P-203 $ 1.55
12-16 ga. (25) 3" P-204 $ 1.55
Packs of 250
.38-.45/410-20 ga. 2-1/4" CP-13B $ 6.80

12-16 ga

3" CP-14B

$ 10.15

Packs of 500

.22-.270 1-1/4" CP-16B $ 6.80
.28-.35 1-3/4" CP-17B $ 9.10
.38-.45/410-20 ga. 2-1/4" CP-18B $ 12.65
12-16 ga. 3" CP-19B $ 17.65

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Rust Inhibitor The Inhibitor
anti-corrosion gun storage bag

From Kleen Bore

The rugged 6 mil Inhibitor bag is impregnated with uniquely formulated vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCIs) to protect valuable firearms and other valuable metal items. The combination of VCIs and moisture absorbent desiccant action protects against humidity and oxidizing atmospheres - even corrosive marine and tropical environments. Guns protected in Inhibitor bags are always ready for immediate use without cleaning, scraping or degreasing. Meets and exceeds applicable military specs.


RIH-218 Pistol
RIH-219 Long Gun


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Shotgun Multi Choke Cleaning Jag Multi-Choke Shotgun Cleaning Jags

for bore and choke cleaning

Multi-Choke Jags are an innovative and efficient way of bore cleaning. Because the unique petal design compresses when bore cleaning, the cleaning patch is continually putting equal pressure on the inside walls of the bore. This allows for a quick and efficient cleaning. Simply push a good quality patch onto the barbed tip, dunk it in solvent and and start the cleaning process. Don't worry about constricted chokes such as a full or turkey setup, because the Multi-Choke will pass right thru it. This is also a great way to clean the plastic out of chokes..

JAG-12N 12 Gauge Multi-Choke Jag 
JAG-20N 20 Gauge Multi-Choke Jag

$ 5.95

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Kleen-Brite Snap CapShotgun Snap Cap

A Snap Cap is a device to allow the user to dry fire the firearm without damage to the firing pin. A spring loaded brass insert absorbs any shock or inertia from the firing pin. This allows for a soft landing of the critical striking part of the metal firing pin. Also, a snap cap relieves any tension on the firing pin spring when used during gun storage. The body is made from solid aluminum, stamped with the gauge and color coded.


12 Gauge Snap Cap 

$ 11.49


20 Gauge Snap Cap 

$ 11.49



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Kleen-Brite Gun PolishKleen-Brite Gun Polish

Kleen-Brite is an excellent product to keep the finish on your firearms looking like new. Safe on factory blued, stainless, chrome and nickel finishes. It easily removes powder fouling, surface rust, tarnish, and discoloration. Kleen-Brite cleans, polishes and protects with a brilliant, non-oily coating. Not recommended for use on blackened stainless steel, cold touch-up blue or matte finishes.


Kleen-Bright Gun Polish 

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