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Gun MatGunMat, Gun Cleaning Mat, by OilRag Industries, is today's professional solution to the usual messy job of cleaning or repairing your firearms...whether at home, in the shop, in the field or on the range.

The work surface of GunMat is made from a special soft, nomar polypropylene material which acts like a sponge absorbing oils and other fluids used when cleaning guns. The fluids are quickly absorbed into the fibers of the mat helping to keep your work surface clean and dry. While the soft material protects your firearm from nicks and scratches, it also prevents small parts from rolling off the work surface.

The GunMat incorporates a backing that is impermeable to solvents. Oils, solvents and other cutting chemicals will not leak through the mat to damage your tabletop or work surface. The nonslip, rubberlike backing prevents the mat from sliding. And, GunMat can be washed to provide prolonged use.

GunMat is one of the few products introduced to shooters that is truly unique. It is the sensible, and professional solution to gun care and it is quickly becoming a necessity for anyone who owns a firearm. Dealers/Clubs Put your Logo on GunMat's

Item No. Desc. Size Price
GM224 Hand Gun Mat 12"x24" $ 9.95
GM1848 Rifles/Shotgun Mat 18"x48" $ 16.95


All-Purpose Mat 18"x36" $ 13.95

KG Cleaning Products
KG-1 Carbon Remover

KG-1 was initially formulated for exclusive use by a military group to remove carbon buildup from their weapons. Unlike other Cleaners. KG-1 contains no ammonia and is pH neutral. KG -1 is ideal for removing carbon from black powder rifles.

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4 Oz. Bottle $5.95

KG-2 Bore Restore

Originally developed to maintain the bore integrity of sniper rifles, KG-2 is being introduced to the public to provide shooters with a product that will actually improve the condition of the bore while cleaning it. Like KG-1, KG-2 contains no ammonia and uses a mechanical method to remove the worst of copper, lead and powder residue. KG-2 can be used when shooting numerous rounds in between cleanings or as a bore conditioner for those weapons needing extra care. KG-2 is an ideal product for fire lapping.

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4 Oz. Bottle $11.95

KG-3 Cleaning Solvent and Degreaser

KG-3 is a nonchlorinated ozone safe formula used to remove the residue loosened by KG-1 and KG-2. It evaporates fast without film residue.
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13 Oz. Can $8.95

KG-4 Gun Oil

KG-4 is one of the few lubricants that meets requirements set forth in Mil-L-63460D. It is a blend of the finest lubricants available, and contains no synthetics. With very low surface tension, KG-4 exhibits excellent lubrication and provides outstanding corrosion protection. KG-4 has the added property of keeping current firing residue in suspension which allows for easier cleaning. KG-4 has been field tested for endurance using 50 caliber machine guns. These tests showed that the number of rounds fired was increased from 1000 to 5000 rounds before a stoppage occurred.

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2 Oz. Bottle $5.95

KG-5 Trigger Lube

KG-5 is formulated specifically for trigger mechanisms and is one of the few lubricants that meets the original requirements set forth in Mil-L-63460. It is a blend of the finest lubricants available, including Teflon. KG-5 provides excellent lubrication and corrosion protection. KG-5 will keep trigger pulls even and smooth. KG-5 has been field tested by military personnel and sniper rifle manufactures and has proved itself to be a superior product.

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2 Oz. Bottle $5.95

KG-6 Moly Bore Prep

KG-6 has been formulated to enhance the life and Performance of bores for all weapons. KG-6 contains Molybdenum Disulfide a known superior lubricant which has an affinity for metals. KG-6 is used prior to shooting and will embed a thin Moly film on the bore allowing shooters the ability to shoot more rounds between cleaning, and will result in less bore fouling.

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2 Oz. Bottle $8.95

KG Clean Kit

Includes KG-1 through KG-6. Does not include Gun Kote or Bullet Kote or other KG Products displayed in the picture. See next page for details on Gun and Bullet Kote

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Clean Kit $39.95 
Shipping $6.00


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